Hi guys,
Here is the situation: Been working with HO for 2 months now. First tried to farm out SS, but was not working out. I took back the negotiations, called the bank, got their short sale package put together with the exception of the last 2 items: 2 mos. bank acct and Financial statement. Talked to the HO last week, he said he had forms completed and will fax to me next day. I had also asked that he talk to his listing agent and tell her what’s going on. (He didn’t want her to know he was headed for foreclosure, wanted to still market for the higher price.) Now I might have an investor buyer interested, so I sent emails and left voice mail for my HO, and he has not returned any calls. I don’t know what to do, I think my hands are tied if I can’t get in touch with him. I don’t want to send an incomplete package to the bank. Up until now, we have had a good working and mutually supportive working relationship, which is why I am puzzled. I know he travels alot, but this should be a top prority! (We have a purchase and sale agreement contingent upon a successful ss.) :help

THANKS!!! :help

Hi I see on your letter you have financial statement, and thats one of the item the bank are requesting from my HO. Could you explain to me whats the financial statement and where my homeowner gets one of them. They ask for a Listing aggrement, and a financial statement.

Please respond soon.

Yes, they ask for both of those items. The financial statement is basically what goes into and out of the household. There are many versions, but the Freddie Mac form seems to be what the banks are familiar with. If you send me a PM I will email you the form.

I finally just heard back from the HO! I guess he was just traveling. Maybe I am just a nervous Nellie!! :rolleyes

Am I right that the seller had a listing contract with an agent? If so, how are you dealing around this agent? Unless the seller had identified certain buyers to be excluded, the seller is obiligated to pay the agent (actually the broker) when the property is sold.