SS Leads

Does anyone have any suggestions for finding pre-foreclosure leads, potential SS deals? My partner and I are having trouble finding people to contact, so where do we look? We know there are plenty out here right now.

Look for Notice of Default lists in your area. Do some research to find out how the public is notified and there might be even a list company that provides those lists in your area.

where are you located aksay? if you are in the phoenix area, i can help

I am in LA county California.

There are a few foreclosure informations services in the LA area and they are reasonably priced source of the leads you require. Say $75.00 per month??

There are plenty of ideas in the Marketing forum. All of them require hard work, perseverance and some amount of money - some more, some less.

I have a great source for SS leads that I get for a monthly fee. I’m sure LA county leads are available or can be made available. I believe the leads vary in price depending on the location. I currently pay $25 / month for Charlotte.