SS deal?

House that has about 70k in unpaid balance and an assessed value of 62k. Loan was taken out in 2005. There were hardly any comps for the area, but it APPEARS I could sell for 40-50k with no problem. I actually show the owners have owned the house for several years, but the loan that is going into foreclosure is for 2005? It is labeled as a C/F loan…Would it be to low of an offer to only offer 20-25k to the bank for SS price?

Ok, talked to the owner and it seems it will also need 15-20k repairs. 1150sq ft home.

15-20k in repairs and you think its worth $50k, you probably should pay no more like $10-15k.

Well the ARV is at 50k. After talking to the homeowner I realize the amount of repairs and that I can’t spend more than 5-10k to resell to buyer. My question is more geared to understanding if banks will accept such a low offer if they see it as being worth 60-70k? Will banks ever accept offers that are that far off from what they think it’s worth?