SRO Properties

Hello My name is Gary and I work with My partner Jeff, We are currently dealing with an SRO property and We’re not too sure on how to tackle this project. As it seems the marketing is where I feel a lack at. We would like to know of some websites that an SRO property could be best marketed on. We would like to know where We could find Motivated Buyers looking to buy SRO Properties.Advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

I recently read the following stats somewhere may be it might help you to identify your target market:
Most people who live in SRO housing have incomes of under $10,000 per year, and 50% pay more than half of their income as rent. About two out of five are employed, and most of the others are disabled or retired. About 20% of SRO residents receive the public-assistance shelter allowance of $215 per month. Typical rents range from $90 to $125 per week.