Squeeze Page/ Wholesellers Website Q:A

I am new to wholesaling and I have a question about the websites where we post our deals as wholesalers AKA (the squeeze page).

What information do we really need to have on it?
How many deals are too many?
What should it look like?
Should it have more information?

I know I am not the only wholeseller here with a site and I feel that everyone would benefit from any suggestions posted here

My site is located at rrenl.com (if you want to login without entering your e-mail use this dummy e-mail sample@sample.com).
I designed and coded it myself and I haven’t done any deals from it yet. I have quite a few buyers but I can never generate a response. Any suggestions would be helpful as I am trying to see what i’m doing wrong.


 I went to your site tonight and it looks ok, but there are things I require as an investor.

Lot size (Square footage)
Year built
Property ID Number
Laundry Room (Yes / No)
Major Cross Streets?
Occupied? (Yes / No)
Access Available? (Yes / No) (Combination Box)
Formal Living Room?
Formal Dining Room?
Family Room?
Buyer’s Agent Commission Paid? (Yes / No)

Who did the repair estimate?

Repair Credit???

Privacy Policy?

Executives? Who manages? About Us?

DBA / Corp / S-Corp / LLC ?

Address / Location / Hours?

I think you can have as many properties as you can reasonable service!

Good luck,


A squeeze page isn’t to sell homes, it’s to sell people on signing up for your list so that later you can sell them homes. Don’t confuse the two.

I’ve always been a big fan on not reinventing the wheel. Look at some squeeze pages that are already up and running, then tweak them a little.

Thanks for the help guys. I started out with just a page to collect e-mails but I felt kind of bad not offering any content on the site. I also felt I wasn’t using my site to its full potential.

I don’t know of too many wholesale squeez pages in my area. The one guy I do know, i’ve already “borrowed” from his site and I don’t want to keep doing that. I really want to copy someone sucessful and at the same time be original.

It all starts in the beginning… It’s hard at start…
have you done your first deal??

I got a deal under contract but it’s been hard to find serious buyers. I have close to 300 buyers on my site and another 800 on twitter. I was thinking it was my deals but I asked investors what they look for and I got what they where looking for.


Property 911 Expert I know exactly what a squeeze page is, and how to effectively use them, however if you look at Dwaynex's website it is set up just like a property marketing website complete with a buy button.

Dwaynex you have done a great job on your website, but good wholesalers supply all the information I asked for within there site.

My squeeze pages do not have any other live links or additional pages they scroll, explain in text and photo’s and ask for basic information to recieve additional information.

I deal with a lot of wholesalers, I do not think Dwaynex wants to man his phones daily and I don’t see him building multiple websites to serve his customers yet.

Dwaynex do you want to supply additional information about your properties by phone or email and if answers are not immediately available risk a buyer go on to the next wholesalers site to buy a property?

I sign up for my wholesalers daily e-mail updates on the same website that I review there available properties on, so it is not unusual to collect e-mail addresses on a sales marketing site.


Here is a good example of a professional wholesalers site, this company sells over 1000 homes a year by sale or by order for purchase.
(Order for purchase is a request to buy a property in a specific area with a specific budget and the wholesaler goes to auction or through there bank or lender connections and negotiates a potential deal for a property subject to investor approval)

So now that I have given you a very professional wholesalers website example you won’t make it have to be all about a squeeze page!!!

See the big “Create an account” in the right corner, you can’t see there properties without signing up.

Good luck,


Your site looks good, you just have to drive BUYER triffic to it.
If your looking for buyers in your market,
I would use craigslist, backpage, PPC

I hope this helps you,

Good Luck