Squatter sinks 3K Into a Detroit REO and is evicted by the bank

And it continues…

There’s now a group called 'Housing is a Human Right Coalition" telling people to move into empty houses and it’s theirs for free (or for whatever money they want to spend updating it). It’s just sad that owners have to go to court to evict squatters instead of the police arresting them for break and enter and throwing them into prison. No respect for the legal owner’s property rights (story and newscast below):


I agree with you. The entitlement mentality is killing our country. I wish everyone who said or thought “you owe me [insert phone, food, housing, etc entitlement here] because I deserve it” would all move and form their own colony. All the like minded people would get along so well until they figured out there were no hard working people to support their laziness.
Along the same lines…I also don’t understand the mentality of non-payment of rent not considered to be the same as stealing. I have to evict non-paying tenants, but if I owned a store and someone was shoplifting - I would just call the police. Stealing is stealing…

She sunk $3000 in the house, but if she had leased it she would have paid that $3000 in rent over 3 months or so anyway. There are no such thing as property with no owner…even abandoned property. It may be empty or nonproducing but every inch of land in the world is owned by somebody. You have no rights to land that you have no rights to.

People do need a place to live but we need to understand that and take some personal responsibility. This woman was obviously not lazy. She went through extraordinary efforts to try to get this house. Her efforts were just misdirected. If she had proper council she could have perhaps gone to Habitat for Humanity and put in some sweat equity and got a house of her own.