spray or roller when painting?



The sprayer is about 4 times faster than rolling the paint… It is also extremely messy. EVERYTHING in the room needs to be covered and you will want to wear a respirator.

Good luck with the painting!

I agree that spray painting is the way to go! Get the good painters drop cloths and mask and use plastic on the windows. And please take off the outlet covers and mask them as well. I am tired of having to replace electrical outlets because they were painted over.

Good Luck!

Yup, sprayer is quicker, roller is neater. I’ve personally gone with the roller but that’s because I’ve only ever dealt with smaller jobs of 2-3 rooms at a time.

My question is…I have done both rolling and spraying and Im haveing a hard time weighing the cover everything with just lay a drop down and go.Spraying is much faster but that doesnt include the prep.I like to spray but I prefer to roll. I HATE TAPING!!!

i agree with campbellgroup, tape does take a while. It also depends on the finish that you are looking for and what you are painting over. i also hate taping and cleaning sprayers are a mess, but it does leave a smooth finish. it is worth it though if you are painting cabinets. just take of the doors go outside or in garage ans spray away it makes a much better finish.

thanks, weldon