Sponsor & Investor Advice

I have found a couple good projects. The numbers are great, and everything meets the criteria that any of Dave’s students would be happy with. However, I am unable to find a sponsor or get investors interested. Any advise?


 Are you referring to Dave Del Dotto? Dave Finkel? David Lindahl? David Schley? David Whisnant? (The last three are not really Dave?)

All of these men have had students? What do you consider a good project? The numbers are great compared to whose standards? Is your criteria the same as other’s criteria? Many American’s are happy with 1/2 of one percent returns from there banks? What would interest an investor?

How much experience do you have in your proposed area of investment? Do you have cash (Skin) in the game to offer? Have you managed this type of investment in the past? When you calculate the numbers (Finances) have you forensically reverse engineered your numbers? Are they good or great?