Spam on Private Message

Anyone else get this on the private message feature?

hey my name is michael love and i have an interesting proposition for you i need a personal gauranteer ASAP and i am willing to give that person 50,000 US dollars at closing the name on the note will be covered you can give me a call anytime at 754 245 9292

We’re deleting “Mike Love”, but if you guys get private message spam, let the investor beware.


Yes, I got that e-mail yesterday. I thought he was for real. I already guaranteed a $200,000 loan for him and am waiting for my big $50,000 check to arrive from Nigeria. Do you think I messed up? What are you saying? ;D

DARN! I fall for all of the scams!


I got it too, he must have thought I had money. Sucker.

I have deleted him as a user.


Yeah I got it too. If someone has any real money for me I’m ears but don’t try to scam me…I’m not THAT dumb.

He didn’t even have the manners to send it to me…

I’ve been “DISSED”…!


Maybe he thought you were too smart to fall for it? Yeah, that doesn’t sound right does it.

No, I don’t think that’s the case…at least I’ve never had that accusation leveled before…

But…Hastedt Life Rule #12: “If I was as stupid as I look, nature would have already weeded me out!”


Wow, that rule is about the smells bad rule…must be important.

Somewhere here, there is a whole list – but it’s been added to…maybe for my 4,000th post, I’ll repost it…


How many Life Rules can we expect on number 4,000? I hope you don’t mind but they will be going on my refrigerator…

The first list had about 15-20…this one might get up to 30 or so…a lot of them are humorus jabs at commonsense (like “if it already smells bad, don’t eat it”)


You gotta give yourself more credit! They are more than humorous jabs. They are the fundamentals of civilization and humanity!

yes, I received that PM.

Sucker! 8)

I got it so I guess that I am one of the in crowd!!!

I got the message on 1/24/07. Now I feel relevant.

I just got it right now, is mike love still alive?

He was nuked by Keith, but if you see a different user, let us know and they’ll be removed. The good thing is that you are now considered one of the cool kids.

He’s still alive and kicking. He’s sending me a contract and a CMA because I plan on giving him the full $1.6 million @ 3% to fund this deal so he doesn’t need a personal guarantee. ::slight_smile: