South West FLorida

I am moving to southwest florida ( ft. myers ) in about a month or so… i have a closing sept 23…im looking to invest in property/ build/ or pre construction investment…i have about $200,000 cash to work with…im looking for all advice on how to get into pre construction , tips , tricks ect, and investment ideas and hot markets… thanks for all the input

I live in SE Florida and am very active in the RE market. In my opinion condo conversions are much less attractive as they once were. Many developers were unable to begin projects because of riising construction costs. I am associated with some very bright RE people and all agree that pre-construction is too risky. Condo conversions and land is where we are all placing our money.
I lead a group of investors who get both land and condo conversions before the public ever has a clue. If you would like, you may contact me and I can steer you in the right direction. I would even be very cautious in the area you are moving in to (SW FLA). We were buying waterfront land near FT Myers 1.5 years ago and personally would not buy there at this time. I don’t imply you shouldn’t buy a home there, it is a very nice area, what I meant is investment property, IMO the area has seen it’s big moves and there are much better areas of FLA to invest in.


are you buying land and building on it? what part of fla… i really appreciate your input…yes prices are up in sw fla…ft. myers…but i think there is still some appreciation to be had, but agree for investment purposes there are better areas…i’d be interested in getting some info off you of the " hot areas" to invest in…you from fla? …

I am not from FLA but I have been living here 15 years. Currently we are moving into two condo conversions, one is in Boac Raton, the other is in Panama City Beach, both are extremely nice properties. The Boca conversion the developer is giving you money for what it would cost him to upgrade the interior, so that money can be used at closing. Basically your only looking to put 6-8k at most out of pocket. The Panama City conversion is also extremely attractive. Both these projects will never reach the general public, basically if you don’t know someone you are not getting in. I can get you in if you are interested. At least you should take a look, you have plenty of time to make an intelligent decision.

We also met with a developer yesterday who has 2500 acres in northern florida, this is an upcomming area and land is still very cheap. This can be held for later re-sale or you can build single family homes on it. We are going to be moving on this project aggressively too.

I have my hands in many different areas. I would be happy to show you what I think are great opportunities here in FLA. I would not show you anything that I wouldn’t personally invest in myself.


hey jon, i really appreciate you help and insight, i am very interested, i have a house for sale up in massachusetts that’ is going on the market today…im gonna have to do a 1031, so i am looking to invest…im kinda at a standstill now because i only have about $50k in cash now which i wont’ touch…but as soon as the mass house sell’s i’ll be ready to move on somthing…i will keep in touch !! thanks again

Jon- I’m also in the process of relocating to south Florida(Broward county) I’m interested in investments in Florida…may I also contact you for additional info…any help would be appreciated…



No problem, your more than welcome to give me a call anytime.

Regards, Jon