South Florida investing question

Seeking the opinion of investors: Is a pre-construction strategy wise in South Florida or has that market cooled off?

New Construction is always an outstanding investment.

Anything watefront you can getyour hands on do it. Watefront has created a steady appreciation rate in FL…they are not making any more waterfront (duh :)…since 911 Florida has become a hot spot for vacationers not to mention the influx of people moving to the area. I have been in FL for 15 years now, and you would not beleive the apprecation this area is getting…i get soexcited talking abot this stuff…Also anything with an exsiting mariner is a hot commodity, with all the new laws no one is building more baot slips or marinas so this is a supply demand thing. There is a group actually buying up all the baot slips, and getting rid of slips for samller boats and making room for the HUGE high dollar boats…of course those individuals are not swaggerd by infalation, or a decline in the economy…they want their toys and want to be abel to go out their backdoor and use it…I have also been hearig CA is hot (just from all the posts i am seeing here)…i just hooked up with another gentleman from CA that i am flying out the first of April with to go in on some places out there. Not to get long winded, but these forums are so amazing and the folks i hav met are really high class, thanks for the wealth of knowledge and actually sharing it!!!

Las Vegas Real Estate,

New Construction is always an outstanding investment.

Because of your knowledge in new conctruction investing and saying it is an “outstanding investment”, tell us a little about Pulte homes in Las Vegas?

Pre-Contruction investing in my opinion is speculative, as in any investing you need to have a handle on the market conditions present and future. South Florida is currently on the rise for pre-construction investing.

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