south central colorado worth while?

Does anyone know what’s up with real estate sales in south central Colorado? Seems like some beautiful parcels in the Wet Mountain Valley area (near Westcliffe/Sangre de Cristo Mountains), but that area appears to be languishing on the market. Is this because of all the fires out that way a couple of years ago?



       The thing out here in Colorado with the fires is insurance! Its real hard to get a insurance company to insure your Mountain home for about ten years after a fire in that area. I own one near Westcliffe and in order to get insurance I had to particapate in the Horse and pony show for about two weeks No trees within 24' of your house Fire breaks Smooth road for easy fire exit secondary evacuation plan! It was not fun just one thing after another then my costs for insurance were double what they are in Denver area!

Ah, that makes more sense. I couldn’t get a straight answer from real estate agent in Westcliffe, who has listings near some vacant land I own there free & clear. Was considering cashing out, moving to more active areas elsewhere. But as taxes are miniscule, might be worth just leaving it alone for the time being.

really appreciate thoughts on the situation