South Carolina

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My name is Shaneika!

I am an aspired investor/wholesaler in the Columbia SC area. I am interested in networking with new- or experienced investors that have successfully completed deals.

I am open to partnering with creative individuals that are willing to work with investors like me ( I have not completed my first deal yet but; I have completed tons of research!!!)

If you live in my area, please feel free to contact me.

I live in St. Louis MO, but I invest with partners in the Charleston area.

Good Morning Shaneika,

This may sound like i’m trying to advertise, but what are you looking to invest in? I am looking for an investor to buy our property to turn around and rent out to someone. I have a growing family and we are looking for an investor to not only help them out, but help out a family looking to rent a home in the Lexington, SC area.

Hello Everyone!

I am a US Note Broker specializing in seller-financed Commercial & Residential Notes.
I also act as a Commercial Loan Agent for Owners seeking funding on Projects within the US and some International as well.

Let’s Connect!
You can find out more on my LinkedIn page or contact me - Linda

Hi all,

I’m Julie from the Clemson/Greenville area. I am currently hunting Pre foreclosures for motivated investors. Happy Hunting to everyone! :beer

Hey guys! I’m a real estate investor in the upstate (spartanburg, greenville area) getting started out with wholesaling and doing landlording with my brother in law. He’s in the market for a SFH or Duplex to purchase! I’m looking for any new or experienced investors to network with and work with in the future! Please do not hesitate to contact me! I will do what it takes to work with anyone who wants to win!

Currently in need of 8k for a quick resale and/or seller finance property.
Cheap property on lake with excellent comps. If anyone knows of a good/fairly
priced private lender. I may have one in the works, but it’s nice to have options.

I have a wholesale deal in Simpsonville.
Great home, 3br,2.5ba 1860sft, .35acres, granite countertops, wonderful neighborhood, NO HOA’s. . Near hwy 14 near five forks. Mauldin School district.
rent zestimate 1340. Need light cosmetic work and appliances. Just gorgeous. Price 125,000.
104 Cedar Ct 3/2.5 2,248 1989 $190,000 10/29/10 0.2 m
72Fudora Cir 3/2 1,624 2006 $208,000 05/24/2013 0.87 m
501 Waxford wy.4/2.5 2,300 1999 $176,500 2/2/11 285ft

3 Anson Ct (google map) (yahoo map)


Im Seraiah Naomi and currently moved to South Carolina. I am looking to network with New and Experience Real Estate Investors and Sellers. I am open for Joint Ventures and learning. Im honestly working with a Network of Investors of about 11,700 all together and I would love to share my resources working along gaining experience. :help I have much training and Investors but not much experienced. I am very eager to get started here in South Carolina and Im always available!!! :beer

I have a property in pelzer, sc that is 3bed/1bath, asking $17,500obo, needs 10-15k in repairs , ARV is $45,000 to $55,000. Cash offers, motivated seller. Please contact me if interested.

Hi everyone,

I am looking for investor friendly real estate agents in the Anderson, Greenville, and spartanburg areas. Please PM me.

My name is Mandy. I am just starting out as a REI. I am looking for buyers to join my team. I live in S.C. but look for real estate everywhere. If you are interested give me a shout! Thanks

I am Jason, based in Columbia, own homes in 3 states through my corporation PDJ Enterprises, Inc., and have access to telecommunication and numerous home security and automation options. I look to re engage in more SC property management in conjunction with a property management company based in MD. I look forward to hearing from property owners, investors and managers.

I am Chris from The Greenville SC area and I am a newbie. I have read and learned a lot about REI. since 1993 and did one deal but so much has changed since then. I am looking for partners/mentor. I am upfront and honest the Credit and cash to put in a deal not so good long story short lost a business in the down Economy. That being said what I do have to bring to the table is my knowledge in construction, selling and being creative as well as have a positive mindset of I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. I am looking for an experience investor/partner that will take me under his/her wing and walk me through the ropes.
Thank you

My name is Keith and I’m new to REI. I live in the Columbia Area but I don’t mind traveling at all. I’m looking for a partner/mentor that I can learn valuble information from and gain experience. Please contact me if interested.

Bob here - from NY but I spend lots of time in Greenville - own a couple of properties in Spatanburg. Thinking of getting into mobile homes. Anybody doing that and want to partner up?

Good Morning,

My name is Misty Welborn, I am a newbie in wholesaling and interested in co-wholesaling with partners in SC, I am in Myrtle Beach. PM me.

How is the Market in this state?

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