Sourcing your own contractors*****?

Hi everyone,

I am really starting to think that being my own general contractor isnt that bad of an idea. I am not comfortable in working with a middle man I would rather source everyone myself. However I am clueless on where to start. I do have a good carpenter already who is actually works for a big commercial construction company here in chicago. I have a relative whom I used to do construction work for that is in the HVAC trade. However I know that I will need more than a carpenter and HVAC guy to get the job done. So where do I start? How did you guys build your team?

Word of mouth is a good start. You may want to consult your local buiding inspector. Certain tradesman have good and bad reputations with the local inspectors. The ones with a good reputation is a clue that they do the job right.

Are local building inspectors usually listed yellow pages or is there some place i should specifically go to find them?

You should be able to find them in the yellow pages. Often they’re located in City Hall. Also remember that if a sub-contractor can start right away, that’s not a good sign. The good ones are usually busy. When checking these guys out, be sure you check their license, insurance and references. Always be sure they work with permits. You’ll be responsible if they don’t. You can be fined and be forced to start over. You’ll be spending a lot of time managing these subs on your own. You may find it beneficial to hire a general contractor using the same process as hiring subs. Regardless of what you do, just make sure anyone working your property is licensed & insured.

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A good place to look is Craigslist

The Pennysaver if you get them.

Local Papers.

Normally what i would do is find someone who is willing to subcontract for you. Then purchase materials and pay by sq. ft. or per job IN FULL UPON COMPLETION, if things go well a little advance is cool but guys that need money up front on labor only are a danger sign. You should not have to provide gas money to get your contracter to work.

Also running an ad for subs, with tools, truck, is good you will run into all kinds check them out and be on site first couple days.