Source for Vending Machines?

Hey guys…

Anyone know where to get a coke/pepsi vending machine for outside use?

I know about the machines that Sams has, but I think they are for inside use only.



Call your local Pepsi/Coke distributor for the soda machines. If you are looking to have it managed and maintained by someone other than yourself there are plenty of vending companies out there to assist you, I think they work by giving you a cut of proceeds. If you’re in CT I can recommend someone, if you’re outside of CT check the yellowpages under vending.

Next time you see a vending machine just walk up and check it. There’s usually a stamp/sticker or something on it from the manufacturer with their name, number & address.

Good ideas, guys…

I went to Sam’s web site and found a whole bunch of machines you can order directly from them and have it delivered.

If I do something, it’ll probably be with them.

They even have a few soda/snack combo machines… pretty slick!