Sooooo....when is the bill

…to outlaw knives and hammers going to the floor of the House? They’re deadly weapons, you know…we need more laws, we need protection.


Dang! No guns, knives, or hammers? How am I going to cut my nice, juicy steak? How am I going to replace those loose shingles? Maybe I could glue the shingles to the roof if hammers are no longer allowed. How about matches? That poor Chinaman used a match to set himself on fire! I hope they don’t outlaw fires - I just bought a new wood burning stove! I hope he didn’t pour gas on himself before starting the fire - the socialists will want to outlaw gasoline. :banghead What am I saying - the socialists already hate gasoline!

…and, furthermore, pigs should not be allowed anti-tank weapons!

Somebody needs to pass another law!