Something nifty!!

I was pumping gas at a 7-11 tonight and a good looking young lady (at my age most ladies are young and, with my eyesight, good looking) came up to my pump with a purposeful look on her face. I figured that she might want to talk about my '95 Ford Ranger with 195,000 miles on it and it being bedecked with peace symbols. Then, it occurred to me that she might want to talk to this fat old man with a beard so I sucked in my gut and waited. She marched to the pump, all the while studiously ignoring me, and slapped something on it and went her way. I let out my stomach, got my breath and went over to see what she did. It was neat. It was a translucent vinyl pocked that hed about 2 doxzen business cards. Apparently it had a peel off back that allowed the back to stick quite readily and permanently to any hard surface. Her card was for some guy selling insurance for the National Association for the Self-Employed. If anyone knows where to find these share it with the rest of us. These have unlimited potential. If I haven’t got any answers in a week I will call this agent. Alas, I have only his number, not the girls.

I know some who has this on their car.

rhm76384, I saw one of these just today. It did not have any business cards in it. Did you take a card? If not try to get one and call. Ask where they got it.

If you find out let us know. I would be interested. I am going to a printer tomorrow to see if they have them.

I see these from time to time around town too. I am waiting for some business cards to be printed. Once they are, I plan on filling everyone of those things (that are already empty) with my cards. I don’t particularly care where they came from. An empty one is a terrible thing to waste though. :slight_smile:

I thought the same thing. What wonderful use and its free.

OFFICE DEPOT prints these we use them in my rentals when we stick them on the fridge in the garage and on the front screen door with all the contact info!


property manager-


THANKS reoconsultants,

I will check my local store.

Did anyone find out the name of this item? I checked both of the office supply stores near me. I found a similar item, but not exactly. The other store did not know what I was talking about even when I showed them.

Is this what you all are looking for?

Travis Texas, Hey.
Though not the same,. I believe, certainly worth it to place them whereever, I ordered mine, how about you?

Found them as REO said at the Office Depot: Wilson Jones business card self adhesive pockets by ACCO catalog #21472. Possibly on line at

Thanks, I have ordered some. They work great.

Has anyone ever gotten in trouble for using these? I normally tape my business cards directly to the gas pump for easy removal (2-4 per pump) while the gas is pumping.
I was under the impression that the owners of the gas station would be upset by you permanently fixing something to one of their pumps. I could be wrong. Just curious.

No trouble here. I haven’t gotten any negative messages

I worked at a convience store that actually filed a complaint with the police because of excessive post-it things like these. It is considered defacement but the police wont do anything about them. The employees are usually told to simply remove them as soon as they are discovered and if you are caught by the employees they will let you know how much extra work you are causing them and they may not be polite about it.