Something I don't understand

i’m assuming you’re talking about the home office deduction…

i agree that a surgeon probably can’t deduct a home office, because all he does is go in for surgery basically.

but i completely disagree with that interpretation as it relates to someone like a realtor or RE investor, who probably spends more time doing research, calling/emailing clients, looking at property online, calculating property incomes/expenses, etc. etc., all at his/her home office. yeah, you might leave the house to look at a property or go to a signing, etc., but you’re not doing the MAJORITY of your business for the year at ONE specific location other than your home, its several different places. and if you seperate it out, then the MAJORITY would be at home, even if you count everywhere else you did business.

i think it depends on your interpretation and especially if you have the explanation and documentation to back it up.