Somebody help me please

I’m ready to start my sub2 and lease options but the only thing holding me
back are the forms to use. I have no problems getting the NJ forms but
my problem is editing them to suite my investing purposes. Can somebody
please help me by emailing me copies that you’ve been using in NJ.
Please, and thanks in advance.

Don’t you think you’re asking an awful lot of someone to email you copies of their paperwork? Contracts that they paid for?

If you’re not willing leave it alone
someone else might just be kind enough to help.

Investorguy and ALL NEWBIES

I know you mean well and just want to make some money. But let me tell you: Using sub2 to finance properties is very very complicated. If you try to do a deal with no more training than just blank contracts, I guarantee that you will crash and burn. Meaning, you will likely be sued and you will likely loose your good name and you will never really understand why.

Now, I know that all sounds harsh, but this is real world stuff. Learn the system before you try doing a deal. It takes tons of time and the willingness to think and rethink your strategy.

My post is only meant to help you and others,


theinvestorguy, Check out $Cash$. I think he offers forms with his program.

I haven’t personally paid for his program, although I hear it’s the best available for Sub2’s.
Also it’s priced thousands less than I paid for to learn how to do Sub2’s.

Your going to find it hard to have anyone send your their forms simply b/c it might not adhere to your local or state laws blah blah blah and since we as red blooded American’s are litigation happy you surely can understand our concern for getting sued.

Like AJ290 said some of us have paid good money to get our contracts and paperwork.

I can however suggest you use the NJ state purchase contract and look for a suitable Sub2 addendum to add to that, possibly via google.

Or contact $Cash$ and find out if his program includes forms, if it does I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it, even if I had to sell my soul to get it…


Not sure if you were able to locate the contracts you were looking for, but here are some suggestions, do a google search, or is a community site where people share their documents. You may be able to find examples of contracts you are looking for, there.

I understand the need to be cautious, but we are in real estate investing to learn and to learn from one another - thus the reason for this forum. Other posts wrote as though you did not know what you were doing. I’m sure you know the level of risk in all real estate transactions; it would be natural to seek legal advice when appropriate.

I don’t necessarily believe paying hundreds to thousands of dollars in endless real estate investing courses is the answer either. I’ve paid so much money for courses but none have equated to the results of just taking action - so I congratulate you for taking that step.