Some people need a suppository.

I have recently been posting on another board and boy do I appreciate REIClub much more now… … REIClub’s grass is very GREEN…

This place is awesome because of me… just say it.

Alright if I have to.

Its awesome because of you Hoosier4life2005 …

Thank you.

I checked out biggerpockets and a couple other smaller boards and have zero interest in other places. I really like it here.

I am not naming names just appreciating REIClub more

REI is the #@$*…

lots of honest & ethical people on here willing to take time out of there busy schedules to assist others with their investing.

Where else can you find that in today’s society?

I agree Mr. Quarles!!! I dont even check out other boards. This site is all I need. I can post my dumb questions and someone will be nice enough to answer them, lol.

I like this board and BP about equally. They’re sort of like apples and oranges, though, since BP is less anonymous, more about collecting influence points, building a reputation, more “Type A” (not that that’s a bad thing). This forum is more relaxed. But both places have a lot of sharp people.