ok i would be forever in debt to you if someone could get me out of this horrable situation that has now become my life because of this stupid duplex. ok keep in mind im only 21 and i really dont know that much about real estate. I bought a duplex from my boss a rehab that was the work i did at the time with my friend. after we fixed up the house i bought it from him. he payed my down payment for me which i guess is technically illeagl. ok my friend and i where supposed to have a 50/50 split his name never went on the mortage because i would lower our intrust rate. a few months later this guy at mortage soulutions said if i signed this paper my friend would be on the title and on the mortage. well he lied and my friend now own 37% somehow with no ties to the debt. he stopped paying me money and im putting my entire paychecks into the house. im in the proess evicting the people that live downstairs
and finding new teants i rented out all the rooms upstairs where i live so i dont even have a room in my own house. my friend still lives here and we fight constantly. he stole money out of the security deposit from the people downstairs. i found out he has drugs in the house i have a good mind to call the cops and send him to jail before i lose my mind and kill him or burn this stupid house down. how bad is a foreclouser to your credit ive work so hard to keep good credit its at 750 but im ready to say screw it all and just take my stuff and leave this place. id rather do that then pay for this house and put all this work into it just to pay my friend a ton of my money when i sell it. if he even allows me to sell it, hes fighting me all the was in anyway possibule this makes things really hard in all aspects of my life i just want to be done with this hellhole oh no to mention its in the ghetto and theres a million houses for sale around here this one is the niceest but i dont think it really matters OK THANKS FOR READDING PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN ANY ADVICE IS APPECIATTED THX!

while your friend is drunk, high or whatever, get him to sign a Quit Claim Deed. Go record it at the courthouse and you own the property 100%. Then you evict him, sell the house, or whatever else you need to do. :wink:

put down the gun and back away slowly. remember, your worst case position is you sell it for the mortgage balance and walk away. you lost time and hard work, but you can live with that.

there are times when an atty is indispensable. this is one of them.
sounds like friend and the mortgage guy lied (and maybe with the boss) to defraud you. get an atty. One good $500 letter may scare the stuffin out of him and reverse all this.

try not to be emotional (as my wife says, “take off your uterus and strap on the brass ones”). I know it’s hard. this is business. the deal went bad and now you need to salvage it. nothing more, nothing less.

punishing the friend who is using you will make you feel better today, but will not salvage the deal or get you out of it.