Some advice on a house on condemn list

Hello Reiclub family,

I’m a 2nd yr. part time investor. Last year, I was a bird dog I think I did well make some money all my deal were 1k or more. My goal this year is be a wholesaler. I have Steve Cook “Wholesaling for Quick cash ver. 2.0” and Shaun McCloskey “Short Sale Wealth Academy” great courses! Well, let me get to my question to you, the flipping homes family. Today, I was doing some door - knocking and check out some of the houses on my condemned properties list (local ones). All of a sudden, I came across a house on my condemn list WHOAAA!! nice house all brick rancher 3bedroom, 1.5bathroom, a garage that has been converted to some type of room. I guess? I talked to the neighbor ask what was the deal about the house, she told me the homeowner is jail. Now my game plan for Monday is to go to the court house and try to find if someone has a Power of Attorney on this house, and than try to make contact with them. Or find out where the homeowner is being held and try to make contact with them in jail. Someone is paying the taxes I think? I going check on that too. So, family what do you think? Am I on the right path or is this something that can’t be done. Please, help. Thank you in advance

It depends on the circumstances. Sometimes the person in jail hasn’t done anything with the proerty, and it is sitting there with taxes and liens on it, but no one wants to foreclose because it is worth less than owed. Sometimes a member of the family is either officially or unofficially taking care of things until the owner is free.

It is worth going after. Just realize this will normally take a lot of time and patience to sort through. It also depends a lot on the attitude of the (jailed) owner. Sometimes they have a “xxxxx off” attitude. Sometimes if you approach them with the right attitude - sometimes they’ll be thrilled to practically give it to you.