Sold home looking to invest

I have just sold my home and am looking to invest in realestate. I am a newbie and tryiing to find a good place to start. Any help please???

I imagine you are getting swamped with a thread like this from birddogs. Here is what I say.

Learn before you invest a dime.
Determine your exit strategy [/b]BEFORE[b] you invest…
Determine your comfort level of risk and expectations of returns
Sow the fields for birddogs and wholesalers in your areas you have decided to invest NOT just the one who promotes theirs as the best deal with little risk and large returns. This will allow you to reap the benefits in patience as well as bottomline for your own protection.
Do it all in writing with an attorney if possible

Now with this being said…

These are the first few steps I take with any of the investors I deal with. This makes them comfortable and realize that birddogging and wholesaling is a professionalism all of its own. All the work is not just locating a property and buying and fixing and flipping. There are many avenues and many aspects which to buy(you could use your funds as downapyment if needed and ffinance the rest)

I also tell my investors we have to have constant contact to be able to stayon top of things for them. I look aftre the managing and finding them as well as help them to sell if flips are involved or rent collections of the long term holders or note holders. You can do Mobile homes or stick builts commercial. This is something else to consider.

I would suggest after this has all been detrimined you should contact a few people who have proposed birddogging or wholesaling for you an interview. A longterm relationship will make both peple more money better returns and less risk and easier sleeping at nights with little contreversy over deals. A good partnership is a like good marriage.

Make sure you are happy with your birddog or wholesaler by doing a small deal with them first and test their abilities and your returns in what they predict they can do for YOU.

thank you for the information

hey, the name is Dariuce and i was wondering if you were still trying to invest. If so give me a couple of areas and i’ll see what i can throw at you.

I was thinking Myrtle Beach or surrounding areas.

how much are looking to spend?

I am in SC if you are looking I may be able to help or point you in the right direction.