Sold home looking to invest profie

I have just sold my home and am looking to invest in realestate. I am a newbie and tryiing to find a good place to start. Any help please???

Hello, You may get a better response on the

“Bird Dogs, Wholesaling” or “Financing, Hard Money”

forums. They will give you great ideas.


Am new so am still learning. I will do that right away ;D


cmacone is pointing you in the right direction, I think…

I would start by learning everything I could here in this forum and by reading everything I could get my hands on. The field is broad, so I would make it a priority to figure out what area interests you most and then home in on that area. You can learn a lot by bird-dogging for other investors and then migrating to wholesaling.

A cople more points:

(1) Some folks in here will advise you to use your money to provide capital to other investors. I would recommend that you NOT do that until you fully understand it and are a bit more savvy in the REI world. You can make money doing that but you can get fleeced also!

(2) Try to conserve your capital as much as possible…use OPM – Other People’s Money and not your own! With good credit AND some capital, the sky’s the limit!


Thanks for the information.

Hello, Yes, by sending you to the other forums, I felt that knowledge from reading others situations would be helpful. There have been many newbies that have said that they learned many strategies from the forum. Of course, this is the purpose of the forum.
But, kdhastedt makes a good point about using your money as capital. OPM is a great way to go. Unfortunately, sometimes it does not go that way. Be careful, learn before you earn.

cmacone, thank you very much for you input. Another question I have. Now that I sold my home I have about $165,000 in my pocket, me and my wife are not in a rush to get another home and want to rent for a while before we would purchase a home for ourselfs. We were thinking of taking $100,000 and puting them in cd’s for 5 years as a safe investment and taking the other 65 and investing in real estate. Is $65,000 too much to start out with or not enough? and would I get hit hard on a capital gains tax if i dont reinvest the whole $165,000 in two years into another house?

Hello, If your looking for investment methods for your money, I suggest speaking with a financial planner. I’m sure that they can help you do better than a CD. Mine did.
As for your investment in RE, $65K makes for a nice start. Again, educate yourselves and pick which area of RE you have an interest in and go from there. With capital gains, I suggest that you ask a tax advisor. Stay with the forums and always ask questions.
I wish you the best of luck!

I think I can help. I own a investment company and work with investors with 20,000 on up to 30,000,000! Feel free to email me. I would love to tell you about things in my area.