anybody using any software that helps with re analysis?
if so what works for you?

oh jeez…software!!!

I use russ whitneys software. Cost a cent, but well worth it.

go to bearshare

get some free sofware.


I was wondering if you have the address for the site bearshare? I do hope it contains some progs that are for real estate issues.


Tone :slight_smile:


Have you checked the Free Real Estate Forms section on this site at the Investor Resources Tab? There is a free downloadable cash flow analysis spreadsheet that a rental property investor may find useful.

right on!!



The microsoft website, also has free excel templates that fit into the real estate investing model, for cash flow analysis, ROI, and even budgeting. Check them out.

Good Luck!

I have created a Excel Macro that is very easy that quckly shows cash flow and a plethora of other things, i would be happy to share to see if it is useful for you…