Software to maintain contact w/ clients

Hello everyone,

 I am not exactly sure how to do this as a poll, but I am about to begin a project to develop a software that will allow you to stay directly in contact with your customers by-passing "spam filters" and getting your message/advertisement directly to their desktop, and was looking for input.

 This will be a desktop application that you as the provider will be able to "brand" with your own logo, and through an administrative website, have your message delivered without the hassle of spam filters.  

Now I am presuming that if you are reading this forum, you are a legitimate business person who is not looking for a way to spam.  But as we know, even people who have given us permission to market to them, sometimes do not get our messages.  

 Jay Abraham says something along the line that the most money you will ever spend, is getting a customer to purchase your product or service.  And the most money you will ever lose, is if you do not stay in contact with that customer after they have purchased.  

 This software is being designed as something your customer will use on a regular (ideally daily) basis.  Acting virtually as a web site home page, but with more functionality because it is designed to pull information from their local drive, as well as retrieve information from the web.  

The advantage to you as a business person is everytime the program launches, your logo will appear, as well as any promotion or message you are looking to have delivered to them.  (message will be limited in size, but give you the ability to link out to your web site)

So... just a couple of questions.
 1.  Does this sound like a software you would be interested in offering to your customers?
 2.  What are some things you would like to see when the application is launched?  (Motivational Quotes, Daily Jokes, RK Financial tips, local weather etc.)
 3.  If this were a free software, would you make it available to your clients?
 4.  How much would you pay (one time fee) to have this software that is branded with your logo?
 5.  How much would you pay (monthly) for a software that would give you this connection with your clients?

 Thanks in advance for your replies.  I thought this may just be the place to get ideas and feedback.