Software For Bird Dogs

I do lead generation for 3 groups of investors (about 75 investors total) I give the client a photo of the property, detailed information including neighborhood stats and comps. I’m an agent so I have access to tax records and multiple list information. I know that 65% LTV is a good ratio when calculating the quality of the deal. Does anyone know of a software package on the market I could use? I have a cash flow analyzer software but I feel it goes into much more depth than I need. The client just wants basic information from me and this software gives him a cadillac when a chevy will do. If anyone can share information, I’d appreciate it. Otherwise I guess I’m going to have to build my own spreadsheet. Thanks for your help.

What kind of basic information are the investors needing? Will you be inputting all this information into the software and wanting some anaylizing done on the information? Need more info, maybe an application could be custom built for you.