In our ever increasingly absurd country, the wacko socialists in New York have taken yet another step to control every single aspect of our lives.

Not content with just trying to tax soft drinks, New York’s nanny-state politicians are also considering legislation to prohibit the use of salt in the preparation of restaurant food.

Here’s the link:

Yeah I saw this on Beck today…

FO, do you agree with your lefty buddies on this one?

Hoosier4life2005 As a healthcare professioanal you should agree with the salt ban.

Read your food labels. When 1 cup of canned soup has something like 28% of your daily salt, you gotta be concerned.

Our nation is getting more and more obese; diabetes and high blood pressure are becoming CHILDHOOD DISEASES!

This costs us money! A nation full of unhealthy people costs us money!

We can choose:
Follow the Europeans who have banned trans-fat in foods, who eat way more organic, who are in the forefront of healthy food awareness…


we can go even more laissez-faire like the Chinese. Only get the government involved in food safety AFTER the fact. AFTER baby milk is extended with liver-destroying substances, AFTER 200 kids die from lead poisoning, AFTER toxic paint is used on baby rattles.

You want to keep the government out of food safety? Move to China.


Bluemoon and Furnished… halarious stuff…

#1… salt is NOT good for you, however, people CAN READ the ********* food labels and decide for THEMSELVES if they want it or not!

#2, our nation is getting more obese… so what? Im not, because I exercise occasionally. If somebody wants to eat salt all day long and sit on their arse, who are YOU to say thats not okay?

My God…

THIS IS WHY I get so frustrated with many Conservatives. They want to outlaw drugs (I dont), and they dont understand that Liberals use this is a slippery slope. Starts with drugs, then food… then…

Salt is NOT bad for you! Like just about everything else, salt CAN be bad for you IN EXCESS. This is just one more example of the socialists wanting to control EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES.

Let me ask you big govt. pushers something.If more govt is “better”,then how come more “management” in private business always fails.I got a perfect example.My dad works in a local shipyard.It’s so out of control with massive expansion in management.It now has 18 vice presidents.

He has been there for 40yrs and said it used to run under budget and on time delivery.Since the expansion over the years,they are sooooo disorganized(more people tends to confuse things) and double,sometimes triple each ships “budget”.Oh,and they are NEVER on delivery date anymore.

I know all of us here run simple business with few, if any employees.I have had “partners” and ran things solo.It all comes down to this simple point.I don’t beleive in anarchy,but is massive govt dependency not just as distructive.

We need govt,management,oversite,etc.But this cradle to grave govt dependency is going to be downfall of “freedom” as a nation.Not to mention bankrupt us all.

You’re right, we do need government oversight. Especially of health issues like clean, safe food. Otherwise ONLY the profit motive would motivate the industries that feed us. We could eat all kinds of garbage and not know it.

Have you noticed that MacDonald’s, IHOP, and other large chain restaurants now have to provide a calorie and nutrition breakdown of their food? Flip over the McD’s placemat the next time you’re in there.

Now there is no excuse for feeding your overweight toddler a 2800 calorie meal.

You can’t read salt labels in most restaurants. It’s actually kind of important for many people to limit salt. All restaurants supply salt shakers on the tables, so people can always add more. And you are not overweight because you’re 19 years old. Your health is going to get more important as you age, trust me on that.


I forget what salt has in it, compared to sea salt, but salt has iodine in it that is needed for the body, that is not available in sea salt.

Anyways, whether you are a socialist or a capitalist, salt is needed in the proper preparation of food… I’m an amateur chef and enjoy cooking very much.

the idea of banning salt in the preparation of food in my opinion is unwarranted…

I use a pinch of S&P in everything I make…salads, meats, breakfast, stir-fry, roasts, etc…

what on earth is wrong with some S&P…first class chefs have been using S&P since cooking began.

If one cooks food without properly seasoning it…in my opinion you should get your ass out of the kitchen!


Good points.I have two “chefs” in my family.Thank goodness we live down south and this madness has’nt found it’s creepy way here.This is the classic problem with the big govt concept.They spend like crazy and have to come up with new “regulations” to justify the"great job" they’re doing.And a reason to invent new taxes does’nt hurt either.

SO you would classify salt as “garbage”??Hmmmm,where is the limit to this?I agree with govt keeping poison out of food.But salt,really?Anything,too much of anything or lack of exercise contributes to obesity.THIS IS STILL AMERICA!!IF YOU WANT TO EAT CHEETOS ALL DAY LONG,DO IT,THEN PAY YOUR OWN HEALTHCARE BILLS!!When govt provides entitlements and that person takes them; they can tell that person how to eat/live.And the rest of us would like to be left alone and “free” to make our own choice.

I don’t need the government telling me what I can and can’t eat, thank you very much.

If you don’t want to eat 27% of your daily allowance in one cup of canned soup, don’t buy the canned soup.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is an backdoor attack by the humaniacs. They don’t want human interaction with animals and are trying all sorts of tricks to get the consumption of animal products banned by law. If salt is “bad” for you (which it is not, it’s necessary for the human body to function. If you have zero salt in your body, so sorry, but you are dead), then cholesterol is bad for you and if they can get salt banned, they can maybe get beef and eggs and pork banned, too, under the theory that it is “bad” for you.

I agree with you all that what we need is moderation. But we also need government interference where it is necessary.

Almost all salt now is iodized, with iodine, a necessary nutrient added. The government has mandated this. In the past, if you lived by the sea and ate fish, you got iodine. You were fine.

But if you lived in the mountains or plains, no access to sea food, your diet was iodine-deficient. So Switzerland (very mountainous Alps) had whole sanatoriums built for people with the neck goiters and mental retardation typical of severe iodine deficiency.

So when something new gets found out, like iodine being necessary, it can be fixed. Now, if EXCESS salt is found to be harmful, we should fix it too, shouldn’t we? Or at least study it?



Excess of anything can fall into that catagory.It’s a slippery slope to tread down.It’s best as you said to label it,make the public aware,and leave it up to them.I went to a place this weekend and for desert had fried cheesecake(it even sounds fat,right?).It was the best!!I’m in great shape,but I do like the option to indulge once in a while.This path of helicopter parenting the govt is taking will sooner or later take away that right.And that will be a sad,sad state to be in for all of our taste bud’s sake.

It’s the old “the stove is hot” theory,if you touch it anyway…well then. :cool

we never need GOVT interference when it is necessary,

look at this one word by itself for just a minute…GOVT INTERFERENCE…

I do not plan on letting anyone, no matter who you are, interferring with my life or my accomplishments…thank you very much!!

The government has not mandated iodized salt. You can walk into any grocery store in the country and iodized salt and plain salt are sold side by side your choice, whichever you prefer.

Nor has the government mandated whole grain in breakfast cereal or fortified white flour.

There is whole grain in breakfast cereal and fortified white flour because the consumers prefer it. Food manufacturers do their best to manufacture food that the consumers want to purchase.

If enough of the consumers decide they want no salt in thier soup, then the manufacturers will make soup with no salt. Oh wait, they already make low sodium soup to meet that demand.

Pursuit of happiness is a constitutional right. If Little Jimmy’s happiness involves a bacon cheeseburger, it’s not the government’s place to take away his right to eat that bacon cheeseburger.

Yes, make the information available so that the consumer can make an informed decision. But the decision is the consumer’s, not Mrs Obama’s or the state of New York’s.

Surprise, surprise! No, I can’t find where the government has mandated that iodine be put into salt. With other countries, yes. And new legislation in some 3rd World countries.

But the Morton Salt Company started doing this in 1924. In apparent response to the public health needs.

There is a “Goiter Belt” which runs from Western N.Y. through the Great Lakes Basin to the Rockies. Also the Pacific Northwest is somehow also deficient with iodine in the soil.

From Wikipedia…
There is a worldwide iodine deficiency that affects 2 BILLION PEOPLE and is THE LEADING CAUSE OF PREVENTABLE MENTAL RETARDATION WORLDWIDE!

And it’s such a simple fix…iodize ordinary cooking salt. What a tragic outcome for the affected people in iodine-poor lands.

Or maybe tragic for us? A 2008 study showed that 53% of the iodized salt samples checked by the US Food and Drug Administration were inadequately iodized. The FDA is starting to get concerned, especially since many pre-natal vitamins do not contain iodine in any form.

Is mental retardation increasing in the Goiter Belt? What an interesting study that would be. You Goiter-Belters…are you as smart as you used to be?

I’m gonna make sure that Morton Iodized Salt is in my cupboard. If it rains, it pours.


What are you talking about. That is what the government does…tell you what you can and can’t do. I have a car that will go 150 miles per hour but they won’t let me drive it more that 70 maybe 75 miles per hour…and even if I an driving it 25 miles per hour I have to wear a seatbelt. They won’t even let me text while driving through a school zone.

They also tell me I can’t beat my wife. Even if she doesn’t cook my pigs feet with extra salt like I like them. If my kid turns out rotten I can’t knock him off and start over again because the government is in my business.

If I want to eat mercury in my diet the government won’t let me. What about drinking polio water, they won’t let me do that either. Evil government.

I watch too much TV but when I watched the movie Men in Black and the Will Smith character said to the Tommy Lee Jones character that people are too smart for that. The Tommy Lee Jones Character said no a person is smart people are dumb. That is true. If left to our own devices we will kill ever third person on the planet. We have to be controlled. That is what government is for.

Government job is to protect people from other people (murder, speeding in a car, drinking and driving, beating your wife), not people from themselves (doing drugs within your own home, eating salt).