Socialist in Chief Wants New Internet Tax!

'The massive national broadband plan the Federal Communications Commission released last month proposes creating a national framework for the taxation of digital goods and services and imposing a fee to establish and maintain a national public safety wireless broadband network."

Here’s the article:

Did I mention that Obama is INSANE? He’s trying to DESTROY THE COUNTRY!

(Train conductor voice) Last call for the Mike negativity train, next stop BashObamaville, followed by a long stopover in the town of IHateSocialists. Don’t miss your chance to overcome this board with negativity, seats are filling up fast.

So, you’re for the new socialist internet tax Vader - what a surprise!

I’m not for the tax, but with all the debts this country has to pay, this is only the beginning. And don’t pretend like any other administration wouldn’t do the same seeing all these bills coming due. Might I remind you AGAIN that the stimulus and the crazy spending started long before “Osama” came into office, so stop tagging this administration for everything you don’t like. Taxes like these were gonna come anyway, no matter who was in office. Republicans had 8yrs and screwed it up, the dems are continuing to screw it up. Who is gonna get put in next? Ron Paul, I bet he’s gonna preach change and turn out JUST like the REST. Crooked politicians(ALL OF THEM) cannot fix a crooked system.

So sharpen up on the typing skills Mike, you’ll NEVER be happy with ANY administration.

You’re right Vader - the Republitards DID screw it up BIG TIME! George W. Bush WAS A DISGRACE and will go down in history as a failed president. I also believe that McCain is a socialist lite and would have been a TERRIBLE president. In fact, given the choice between an overt socialist like Osama and a RINO like McCain, I’ll take the socialist every time. At least, that way, there won’t be any question that a socialist was in charge as the country was destroyed.

You’re also right that both Republicans and Democrats will probably raise taxes in a desperate attempt to stave off national bankruptcy because they lack the strength to do what’s right - SLASH ENTITLEMENTS! Unfortunately, anyone that understands basic economics knows what will happen when taxes drastically increase. As Mark Faber said, it’s already too late. Our fate is sealed and the country will collapse. It’s not a question of “if”, it’s only a question of “when”.

Republicans had 8yrs and screwed it up, the dems are continuing to screw it up.

Yep! :beer

At this point, the fix can’t come from any party - it’s too late for that. The only fix that is possible is a post-collapse fix and that is only going to occur after a LOT of pain.

What basis do you have in claiming Ron Paul will turn out like the rest? Can you find any examples in his past?? Good luck!

Here is a great article that not only outlines what a constitutional president would do, but what it would take for him to succeed.


I agree with you that Ron Paul wouldn’t be like the Republitards or Socialists, but the problem is not only getting him elected, but electing a congress that would pass legislation that would further his agenda. Of course, he could do many things on his own via executive orders and policy decisions, but what is really needed is a fundamental revival of capitalism.

That is why nothing significant will happen until the country experiences serious pain - i.e. a collapse!

p.s. John - are you going to the 2nd Amendment March in Washington on the 19th? I’ll be there!

I didn’t know about it. I’m so busy with this new property I haven’t been keeping up like I should. Sounds like something we would do. I’ll talk to my wife about it.


I used Ron Paul as an example because one man can’t tackle this huge broken system that’s in place. In order to get elected, he has to get funded by big businesses and groups with their own agenda. So these groups OWN him now, can’t bite the hands that feeds you, so he has to avoid legislation that offends conflicts with these group interests. Then he gets into office and faces the monster bureacracy(sp) with political enemies trying to tear him down and him having to challenge long established views and washington cliques. He won’t stand a chance, no one preaching such radical changes will get anywhere in this system.

Wow, we agree, I’m shocked, who are you and what did you do with Mike? I’m not sure a collapse is coming as you define it. It might be more of a fade towards less wealth and global importance. There are some fire sales coming for sure, with China and the other up and coming countries taking over what once belonged to the US(can you say Volvo) and an inevitable decline in military power and influence. One thing I do know, if there is a catastrophic collapse, the US is taking the whole world with it…