Social Security Card???

Im getting ready to close a deal using this mortgage broker. First of all he is asking for a copy of my social security card and a copy of my drivers license. Is this typical of most lenders? ive finance through wells fargo, and Ditech and neither one of them asked for my social security card. I just dont want this to turn out to be identity theft or something like that.

most lender i know require ssc and dl.
patriot act also requires two forms of id.
they are after all lending you a bunch of $$

Yes, this has been new the past few years due to the Patriot Act. I also have to collect two forms of ID- SS Card and driver’s license- for each client I work with. So if the other transactions you did were prior to Sept 11, then you probably would not have had to provide the identity proof.

ok, the last 2 transactions i did were within the last 6 months. But it was only for a 35000 house. This is for $200,000. But thats ok. I just wanted to make sure so that i dont get caught up in identity theft or anything like that. What happens if i dont have my social security card? I lost it several years ago. I know my number, but dont have the card. I do have a valid drivers license and state i.d. card.

You can provide other forms such as birth cert or passport. Don’t know about the state ID card if that would work. You can also apply for a new ss card.

Loan amount shouldn’t matter on this requirement. I’m suprised they didn’t ask for it. However, I used to work for Countrywide and we stopped asking for the ID and ss card. My new company, however, we still ask for them.

They will also let you use a DL and a military ID because you had to show your SS Card to get the military ID and your SSN is on the card (it is your “serial number”)…