So when will the stock market plummet back to 7000 level?

I won’t catch your AIDs, TB, etc. because YOU will also be receiving health care. Including preventative health care.

What I meant was that it is unsafe (not to mention inhumane) for only the rich, or well-insured, like probably most of us on these boards, to receive health care.

Lots of diseases are communicable! And new diseases can evolve for which EVERYONE needs to be treated, innoculated, isolated, whatever. In my lifetime I remember polio plagues where NO CHILD went swimming for fear of catching it, the AIDS epidemic when no one knew what caused the body’s immune system to shut down, the flu of 1957 where people were really, really sick, and now H1N1. Two healthy teenage high school girls, one 15, one 17, have died in the last two weeks from H1N1 in our little town. People here are pretty freaked out about this worsening flu.

So I am a capitalist because I believe in and work like a capitalist. I am a selfish capitalist because I am looking out for number one–me! I want universal, government-option health coverage for EVERYONE because we can’t have people running around untreated for their diseases. I could die! You could die! The time of the plagues is not over. It will never be over. Germs mutate. I am a realist on this.



Your reasoning is little out of left field… these deseases don’t discriminate based on race, sexual orientation or insurance cards… having insurance does not negate these things… If you have it, you ALREADY HAVE IT… for flu’s, you are communicable whether you have insurance or not… and just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you are getting the H1N1 shot…

To make the point… If that is how you feel, you are aware the Obama’s did not vaccinate their kids against H1N1, right?

So if the President of the United States doesn’t feel the need to innoculate his kids, why do you??? He certainly has access to much more information on it…

With regards to you being a capitalist… you are for yourself, but want socialized programs for others… Just doesn’t make sense… You should be pressing for capitalism so that others may JOIN you in being able to provide their own level of living… instead, you advocate things that will diminish people’s capacity to be the best they can be… you need to look no further than inner cities… Why would you want to promote polices that lead to such a lessened and degraded existence??? I just don’t get it…

You honestly, HONESTLY think, with universal health care… there would be no deaths to H1N1? Come on… People die, it sucks, but thats life. With universal Health Care, all your going to be doing is letting the government dictate who gets to see the doctor and who doesnt (doctors are not infinite, theres only a certain amount of people they can see, so who gets to see the doctor over you or me? Lets let the Government decide)

Our Health Care system has way to much Government in it right now. Lets get the gov outta it, instead of more goverment.

And the money… oh the money. You honestly think Goverment can keep the bill at what they say they think its going to be? WE CANT AFFORD IT RIGHT NOW!!! Have you seen our debt? Every 1 dollar the government says there going to spend, they end up spending atleast 10 dollars.

This is why I hate this healthcare stuff. Nobody knows what it is. It has no definition. But with better access to healthcare you can afford to get vaccinated I guess. I have no idea if “heathcare” has anything at all to do with vaccinations.


YOU are a CAPITALIST…In EVERY SENSE of that word…You make your OWN income…YOU CREATE WEALTH!!! You RISK your capital inorder to BUILD SOMETHING!!!

“Just because you enjoy the benefits of capitalism doesn’t make you a capitalist”…

No…buying property, rehabbing it, renting it, improving it, risking capital, and doing it ALL SUCCESSFULLY makes you a CAPITALIST!!!

Hoosier knows as much about CREATING WEALTH as he does about running a real estate business…N O T H I N G!!!

HOOSIER hasn’t made a DIME on his own. But that doesn’t stop him from LECTURING a VETERAN real estate investor on the subject of CAPITALISM!!! :banghead :banghead :banghead

We got us a SOCIALIST here all right…It’s the guy calling the REAL CAPITALISTS…SOCIALISTS!!!

Ain’t that ALWAYS the way!!!

The point I was trying to make is that with 100% of a population able to access health care, we will have a healthier population. Hopefully you won’t have people with active TB bacillus coughing on you in line at Wal-Mart. Like they do now.

They will be able to get treated and have less chance of spreading disease. This is so common-sense that I can’t understand why you don’t get it.

Of course people will still die and get sick. From lots of stuff besides H1N1. It’s stupid to think they won’t. PosOutlook, you write such utter nonsense that I can’t even respond to your tangential thinking. Maybe a logic class would help you? Hoosier is young, that at least is his excuse.

These posts are just wearying, but it was interesting to learn about the garage sale used stuff new rules. Thanks for sharing that. That’s exactly the kind of poorly-thought out law that needs to be rescinded. It doesn’t make sense. Those kind of stupid laws have always been espoused, then protested and changed. Let’s change that one. And it’s not an example of the end of the world government control; it’s just a dumb law.



You always cut right through the BS and lay it bare! I probably wouldn’t even bother any more with this site if you and a couple of others weren’t on it.

I always enjoy your posts.


#1, No I dont have Government backed student loans. My parents started a college fund when I was little. Thank you very much. Not sure where you got your information. I dont need government. I would gladly get a job at Mcdonalds and pay for college over getting a government loan then having this BS we have today.

#2. Furnished IS a Socialist. Just because Furnished enjoys the market of Capitalism, that doesnt dimiss her/his (whatever Furnished is) views. Furnished wants Welfare/Public Services/National Health Care. THAT by DEFFINITION is SOCIALISM. I have alot of respect for you jake, because you usually know what your talking about. Surely your smart enough to understand simple deffinitions. Furnished wants our Government to be Socialist, pure and simple (by deffinition atleast). You can bring your arguement with if you want…

Calling Furnished a Capitalist is like calling Obama a capitalist because he BOUGHT a DOG WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION!!! Hes such a hard working Capitalist isnt he?!? YES!!!

Was watching Beck today…

Furnished, how would you feel about this. This is Glenn Becks Health Care plan…

Take 2 states, lets pick Massachusetts (Liberal, already have a Government plan) and Texas (Conservative, likes Free Market)

Let Massachusetts have Obamas Health Care plan (since they are already SCREWED by their current Government plan).

Let Texas have their own way, no Government intervention.

See which one works better…

The advantages?
If Obamas Health Care is a disaster, it would only ruin one state. We can then copy Texas’s system, with no government intervention.

IF IT WORKS, we save a State that is horribly in trouble (from a Government program) already. We can then spread it to the othe states.

How would you feel about this Furnished?


You haven’t made a DIME IN YOUR LIFE with YOUR OWN MONEY…Yet you constantly YAP about CAPITALISM and SOCIALISM… CRIPES…Have you ever even PAID TAXES???..You just graduated from HIGH SCHOOL, a GOVERMENT FUNDED PUBLIC EDUCATION SYSTEM!!! That’s SOCIALISM at it’s highest level…As is your local STATE COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY (which you now attend). Your PARENTS are apparently SOCIALISTS because they are PROVIDING FUNDING for YOU (a person that no longer WORKS) inorder for you to attend COLLEGE…SOCIALISM is WRONG??? For WHO??? Everyone… BUT YOU???

Get some time in the REAL WORLD then talk to me about CAPITALISM!!!

GOD ALMIGHTY…Get a freakin’ JOB THEN talk to me about your TAXES.

I don’t need a DICTIONARY to tell me what CAPITALISM IS…I LIVE IT…AS does FURNISHED…We earn what we earn because we’re willing to RISK what we have inorder to CREATE MORE…

But you wouldn’t understand this…READING DEFINITIONS and DOING IT with REAL MONEY are completely different. But don’t let that little detail keep YOU from telling REAL INVESTORS how it is out there… :banghead :banghead :banghead

KID…Lecture someone else…You are CLUELESS on this subject.

Looking up the word INVESTOR in a dictionary…


I guess the people on this board are smarter than the dictionary when it comes to clarifying words. Hmmphf. Thanks for setting me straight FDjake… (thumbs up).

Whenever I need to know the deffinition of a word, ill now ask Jake or Furnished. :rolleyes

I seen Rick Perry on the that terrible Foxnews(which just dominated the ratings,btw CNN last place)which mentioned kinda along that same principle as beck.If we open up interstate buying healthcare insurance,it drives down costs,and makes them compete.Makes sense to me(an evil capitalist).

Now if “universal healthcare” bankrupts us(if at all possible,more than now)we all go down in flames.I like Perry’s proposal,so if one state goes belly up you just move your business to another.Rather than the alternative,moving to a country(perhaps to the one all our doctors who are capitalists go)that has merged back to private healthcare.

I’ve never seen a DICTIONARY that could turn $40,000 into $80,000 so I agree…

The people here ARE smarter than a DICTIONARY!!!

and…YOU’RE WELCOME!!! :biggrin


“I won’t catch your AIDs, TB, etc. because YOU will also be receiving health care. Including preventative health care.”

The logic problem is on your side… even with your panacea of 100% government run healthcare, the deseases you list will still be communicable… treatment is still available TODAY…

As I’ve said before… you practice capitalism for yourself, but want socialism for others… why??? Why would you not be advocating policies that promote the very thing you practice?? To me, a capitalist is someone who practices it AND promotes it… Or are you just better than everyone else or is it a case of the heart being bigger than the head?.. It just doesn’t make sense living the life of a capitalist, but promoting the life of a socialist, you don’t see the glaring inconsistency here?.. the more you do for someone, the less they will do for themselves… just look at the inner cities… free lodging, free healthcare, free food, free, free, free… All paid for by the government… and yet look at the miserable existence they live… WHY would you want that life for ANYONE??? Do you consider that compassionate?

Who do you think will pay for the taxes they are going to raise as part of funding this healthcare debacle? Businesses don’t pay taxes, they collect them… the cost goes down to whomever their market is…

How does adding TRILLIONS of dollars to the existing “broken” system, which will not even get to the panacea of 100% coverage (what happens to the rest?), SAVE money???

See, from what I read of your posts, you just WANT it, and you are willing to self-delude to get it… it doesn’t matter the destruction that it will leave in it’s path… Medicaid - BROKE, Medicare - BROKE, Social Security - BROKE, and now the answer is to add MORE of this??? The government couldn’t even handle the vaccinations right, and they almost a years notice, and promoting it all over the place, and you think this is the way to go???

Where is the logic in that???

The Glenn Beck plan, as you mentioned it, asked “How would the states do after a year on that plan?” With Massachusetts (universal health care) and Texas (nothing) as the examples.


The question should be “How are the PEOPLE doing after a year on those plans?”

I don’t have time to look it up, but it is my recollection that Texas is near the bottom in getting health care to the poor. That Texas has high infant mortality, high numbers of un-vaccinated children, and also has about the highest percentage of children/adults with no health coverage whatsoever.

So let’s see what the mortality rate is after a year from cancer, pneumonia, heart disease, prematurity, flu. Let’s compare how the citizens of those two states are doing health-wise. That’s what this is all about. Not the state budget.

You mentioned opening up the interstate buying of health care insurance–does anyone know WHY we don’t have this? Did the insurance companies divide up the pie or did the government only license certain companies in some states?

Can anyone tell us why we don’t have a complete menu of insurance offerings now? Would this increase their costs of doing business so much that they have to be regional only? Would this create billing nightmares for hospitals and doctors?

Is this already an anti-trust violation?


I’m thinking that it’s a little of both govt/insurance co. being corrupt is the answer to why we can’t buy health insurance among states.I know here in alabama blue cross/sheild is it,and to me that’s corrupt as hell.And does’nt that also violate monopoly laws? How about this too,I pay into a govt pool that’s only catastrophic insurance say it picks up @ $10k for example.Then I keep my private insurance for under $10k at a fraction of the cost I’m paying now,or even better the option to buy nationwide.I’d be happy as heck w/ that.

Now for the people who can’t afford to pay anything(provided they check intensly into their “qualification”).I suggest the hospital,govt,insurance co have a pool that they all contribute to in order to divide this burden.And unlike welfare,food stamps,etc a board is assigned to oversee these people’s employment/income until they are able to stand on their own.JUst a thought,I don’t mind contributing as long as it helps the helpless not the hopeless.The hopeless are bankrupting you and me…period.

Wow look what I found!

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