So What happened to the good Foreclosure deals??????

Anyone? or everybody is just over paying more for them??

Tips, advise, thoughts!!
Thank you


Haha I totally agree with you on this… Remember the good old days when the deals just feel into your lap? More and more people are getting into the industry and paying way too much for deals now days. The bidding starts and rookies are driving up the prices just to get a deal going. The spreads are getting thinner and so is my hair! (trying to find a smiley of pulling hair out) Not really a big deal here though we are staying super busy and making more now then we ever have before. Sometimes you just have to adjust with the market and find a little niche and do it. The thing that cracks me up most of the time is people doing things our company did 5-6 years ago. Sure it still works yet COME ON! I am happy being in the line of work that I am in been in the industry for 19 years now and totally love where the business has gone. We are adding more staff just to allow for our growth.

Many banks seem to be trying to market foreclosures with significant repairs needed at retail prices. I haven’t seen just a ton of competition where I am, but there was an out of state company trying to really low ball on a property we just picked up last week. Some banks don’t list their properties on the MLS while others do. I’ve also seen foreclosures handled by out of area agents who don’t really market the property beyond a sign in the yard…so unless you drove by the sign, you’d never know the property was available otherwise.


So what’s the strategy you said keeps you super busy & ahead of competition??
Do you mind sharing??


I just pay enough and for the deal - no more no less.