So my rental property caught fire

Should I really be worried I mean I have insurance. Is there anything I should be concerned about?


I would worry about securing the property so thieves don’t get in. Also, how safe is it? Is it a hazard for neighborhood kids? You may have to hire a company that puts up temporary metal fencing to keep people out. I would sure be talking to the insurance company about their plan for your property.

Do you have a “Lost Rent” clause in your insurance policy so they will pay your lost rent and you can continue to make your mortgage payment?

Have you notified the utility companies? Is the electric and gas still on?


yeah i have it secured. The utilities are still on though. The funny thing about it the insurance company is giving me a hard time. Im going through a lot of question at this point its the second day now. I do have a lost of rent clause in my insurance policy but no tenants were staying there. Its a big head ache at this point


It is very important to get a notebook right now and document every conversation you have had with the insurance company. Write down the date, time, full name, what was said, etc.

Are they thinking it was arson? Arson rates go up as the economy goes down, and they get more suspicious.

I just had a tenant whose house was burglarized, and then set on fire to cover the crime. After 12 months in a furnished rental unit the insurance company has not completed their investigation and pay-out.

Be very careful, and let us know how it goes.


Take a boat load of Photo’s. Every single little thing.

Also, let us know what insurance company it is. I’d like to throw my business to companies that don’t play games at claim time.


Document and take pictures of everything and it should go smooth.