So many things...where do I start?


I just bought my first house in June of 2005. I’ve been doing all sorts of research on investing and I really want to get started.
Here are my issues:

-I’m in the middle of a remodel of my kitchen (which is taking up all of the money I had saved).
-I have quite a bit of credit card debt.
-I’ve been thinking about refinancing my house to combine my 1st (6.5%) and 2nd (10%) to get a lower payment.
-I’m guessing I need to take out a line of credit on my house for a down payment so that I can start investing (I know I shouldn’t really start with 100% financing, and that’s how I bought my first house).
-As my first investment, I’m hoping to purchase a duplex in Austin (I’m currently in Vegas)

My question is: How do I start this whole process, where do I begin??

By the way, I’m a 28 year old single girl and I know this is quite a lot of issues…I appreciate any input on my situation.