So, its due diligence time, fun yet frustrating.... any pros out w/ suggestions

Ok, so… what would you recommend for searching out comps, crime rates and other stats important to cash flow properties…

Have you thought about talking with a Realtor that know your area? He/she would not be allowed to talk about crime rates and other statistics, but he/she could point you to websites that could help. The realtor could definitively help you with comps.

Hope that helps. Have a nice day!


I’m no pro and this is my first post. However, you can get a lot of free information on I stumbled across the website while trying to find similar type of information.


Try zilpy dot com, they have a lot of useful information regarding rentals in specific zip codes. You will not get crime rates etc but you can get demographics, average income etc etc.

I use them to ballpark rents and so far they seem to be fairly accurate in my local area (Dallas, TX).

Forget the comps! Get out of the house and look at (inside and out) 100 or more properties for sale in your target area. After looking at the first 100 houses, you should KNOW property values in your area. If you don’t, look at another 100 houses.

This is YOUR BUSINESS - you should be an EXPERT in your market. By looking at these properties, you will also learn the crime situation, income situation, etc.

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A demographics company can provide all that info and a lot more. Also, most realtors, that are worth their salt, have a real good handle on the community and home values.