so i got the call for mentoring

i went to the real estate expo in NY.

i just got the phone call from them about their educational program, offering a mentor program…

i think the site is like or something.

how much do think it costs? i’m gonna guess $4500 bucks…like a special or something.

the way the guy on the phone sells it is interesting also. he talks about it not even being a charge, because by the first deal - you would pay yourself back for the original investment, so technically it doesn’t cost you anything…


they’re looking for “success stories” for next year’s expo and i “qualified”.

That seems to be the normal selling points when it comes to those mentoring classes.

You should try telling them that you will pay them the money when you complete your first deal. Since they say that you will make the money on your first deal. See what they say then. ;D

i said to them i thought it should be “results based”…

they said, “well think about college - you pay before…”

and i said, “EXACTLY - college is the biggest f’n rip off going!!!”

and i mean that!


Thanks for the humor!

If you would like a mentor in my opinion, you should pick them, not they pick you.

I offer to brainstorm a bit on helping you select someone in your local area, maybe in your sphere of influence.

If this sounds interesting to you, lets go about it openly in this forum, it may be helpful and inspiring to others.

(or if its a disaster, they could witness that too)

Either way, I think it would be a good exercise. is a person-to-person borrowing/lending site that has nothing to do with REI mentoring.

I agree with you regarding college. Unfortunately in today’s society it is a must for everyone and its sort of considered a right of passge in life, unless your the next multi billionaire.

I really have no use for my college degree but oh well.

I am looking to go to the Expo myself. I was looking at the website and there seems to be one in November 2007 in NY. Man thats a long time away.

What was your experience at the Expo?

Just to make sure its the same one im talking about.

Is that the one?

Yeah I was going to go to this year but didnt. How was it?

I missed the opportunity to go. I didnt realize they were selling tickets. The next time its for November 07. Thats a long time away, but you can get VIP tickets for 150 bucks.

If you x out of the order form, a pop under is there giving the ticket to you for 150. After you purchase a ticket they will also ask if you want to order more for 50 a piece. So if alot of people would want to go its better to just order 1 ticket and wait for their upsell to order more.