Snowmageddon Overshadows NOAA Global Warming Announcement

While the morons at NOAA were busy making an announcement about global warming (now called climate change), the country is frozen by the worst winter in decades and Washington D.C. is digging out from a record snowfall, with more snow on the way! LOL! These idiots can’t even get out of their own way!

Here’s the story:

…and my favorite part:

More and more, Americans are witnessing the impacts of climate change in their own backyards....

Now that’s funny! More and more Americans can’t even see their backyards due to the snow! Maybe these climate experts should look out the friggin window!

You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried…

Buried in snow as the global warming announcement is made!!!

What? Were you guys homeschooled or something? It’s a snow storm not a cold storm.

P.S. I probably wont have school tommorow, alot of snow coming. Kinda wish this Global Warming thing was true, maybe I could be wearing shorts instead of a big ole’ coat right now!


My understanding is that global warming climate change will lead to more extreme fluctuations in local weather. Bigger, worse storms. Heavier rains in one area. Unusually heavy snows.

Nobody’s backyard can predict how the planet is doing.

It’s like the old Chinese curse: May You Live in Interesting Times! It may get way too interesting as we humans try to figure out the weather changes and how we are impacting them.

One of my tenants, from North Dakota, said that a few robins are now over-wintering there, instead of migrating. That’s the kind of stuff we need to watch out for, what Mother Nature does behind our back.

Not snow storms in winter, in areas that have always had snow in winter. But they are record-breaking snows all the same.


To my way of thinking cutting down on emissions is just common sense.

The same people that complain about stricter emission standards are the same ones that claimed SMOKING WASN’T BAD FOR YOU!!!

I just think it needs to be done SENSIBLY…Not by some whacked out enviromental extremist group.

Mike made a good point a few months ago…There’s a 2 inch long endangered FISH that has completely STOPPED water flow to some agricultural areas of California…That’s NUTS…

I’m all for cleaner air, water, and land…Let’s just not go over board.

Nobody's backyard can predict how the planet is doing.

Unfortunately, that’s all we’ve got left. The global warming “scientists” shredded the global warming data so that no-one could look at it. I wonder why they would do that hmmmmmm…?

To my way of thinking cutting down on emissions is just common sense.

I’m all for getting off of the foreign oil, although primarily for national security reasons. However, the socialists won’t stand for that, because their goal is control. We could be building nuclear power plants like the good little socialists in France, but Osama Obama won’t allow it (contrary to his RIDICULOUS state of the union speech). We could be exploiting the HUGE natural gas supplies in the great lakes - but Noooooooo! We could put windmills off Cape Cod, but we know who put a stop to that! It isn’t about saving the planet, it never has been. It’s about CONTROLLING the planet!


Those Cape Cod windmills are a LOCK…

Now that BROWN is in Kennedy’s seat.

Agree with FD.Just because I beleive “global warming” is a giant govt money scam does’nt mean I think we should not conserve energy.In the meantime why don’t we live on our own resources and boom our economy?

We can lead the world as we usually do with our innovation and at the same time save $$ that goes to countries that want us dead.Makes no sense at all.But then again anything the govt does would’nt work 5 seconds in the private “evil capitalist” country some want to “fundamentally change”.

It’s not rocket science.But I guess it is for an administration who has zero business experience.

I just got back from DC yesterday from the snowstorm. I was stuck there from friday afternoon tell monday morning. I was luckily enough to find a rental car ride back to raleigh. Even on monday the the interstate was pretty bad at times. We were doing about 20MPH for the first 2 hours of the drive.

The Snowstorm was CRAZY! The heavy snow started friday night and went for 24 hours straight! Never seen anything like it, not in canada or ushuaia where my wife is from (south pole) and i’ve spent a lot of time in both places. The walk to the bar to watch the superbowl was more like wading through a river than walking.

And now they are on schedule for another 12 inches! Only thing I can think of is “Poetic Justice”!

John, way off subject, but your a pilot right?

Thats the coolest job ever dude. Had to throw that in there.

John did something great in his last life. He gets to live in a great place figured out this real estate stuff and has the coolest job.

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