Snow removal...Do or dont???

The BIG question of liability…

If you attempt to remove snow from the sidewalk and a tenant does slips and falls then you are at fault for a crappy job at removing the snow. Is this true?

Should I just leave a bucket of salt on the porch for the tenants and call it a day?


Single family?

What does the lease agreement say?


Its a two family and there is nothing in the lease about it.


If anyone whether they are your tenant or not slips and falls on the sidewalk in front of your property you are ultimately responsible. I would make sure it gets done correctly to protect myself. Maybe make an arrangement with a specific tenant to shovel and spread salt each time it snows, instead of them all being responsible for it.

Ok, regardless of snow or not if someone where to get hurt on my property I am liable. But that doesnt address the issue if I am better off attempting to clear the snow or just leaving it alone. ???

Its of course preferred by the tenants that I clear the walk. I have problems with my tenants keeping the front porch clear as it is. If I give them something to remove snow with and a bucket of salt, that will just be more clutter!!

That kind of wasnt the answer I was hoping for :wink:

im in the same situation. I am in the process of renting out a house. I go over there and remove the snow and put ice melt out after its done snowing. Problem now is the freeze/thaw cycle. I had a potential tenant come by right after i got off work. i showed them the house and as they were leaving, he slipped on the ice, because it had goten dark and the temp dropped to 25 degrees. I am wondering the same thing on what the law is in this kind of case. ive put out ice melt a couple times in the last week, but i obviously cant be around all the time to predict when there is going to be ice around or not.