smokers lived in house

Could anyone give me any ideas on how to get rid of a smokers oder in a 3 year old house. I have just closed on a nice home but it smells like smoke as you walk into the house. I need help on this one. Thanks Bob

Sams club has the best stuff I have used. It is called odor ban I believe. I saw some at Dollar General too that I believe may be the same stuff. You could call Blackmon Mooring to come out for a few hundred to spray the same stuff around. Spray some in the return AC duct every now and then also. Hope I helped a bit.

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The smell is usually in the foam in the carpet. If you change the carpets this will probably get rid of 80% of the smell. At this point I would start using some of the odor sprays at at home depot.

To do a complete job. You have to repaint all the room that are painted with flat paint. Simi gloss painted surfaces can washer with a pinesol or tsp type of cleaner. First you must use a stain blocker primer like zinsser or killzs. Then repaint with you finish coat. Also change out the carpet pad and carpet. Use a low grade carpet and pad. Your going have to change it again if you own that investment RE for a few years. Good luck.

Try washing all the washable walls and ceilings first, you may not need to re-paint. Drapes suck up smoke odor, so wash or dry clean them. Also hand them outside on a clothesline for a few days to air out. Wash or change out mini-blinds.

I have never changed out carpet for smoke. I just have them professionally steam-cleaned, as well as any upholstered furniture. Airing out the house helps too. If every surface is scrubbed it will go away.

If the smoke damage is from years of smoking, you will need to paint with Kilz and re-do the whole house.


Remember that removal of smoke odor is not normal wear and tear and comes out of their deposit.

This thread is 6 years old! However, my answer would be WHY BOTHER? I certainly wouldn’t attempt to remove the smoke smell from a rental. The next tenant that moves in will smoke too!

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I may suggest of using air freshener.