Smokers brown film all over house

How to get smokers brown film out of a rental house. The ceilings and walls are brown. Any ideas ands it stinks also. :beer

Wash with TSP. Sponge mops work good. Rinse well. Repeat if neccesary. Let dry and paint with oil based primer sealer. Finish paint with whatever you like. If the stains continue to bleed through, keep washing and rinsing.

sherwin williams oil based primer takes the stink out and stains out of anything! no washing the walls needed.

Why bother? The next tenants will probably smoke too? They won’t feel at home if you clean off the smoke scum!

Good Luck,


wash a few times, then use Killz… That’ll take anything out…

but propertymanager was right. Depending on the ‘class’ of property. Might put a new coat of paint on to make it look immediatly better, but next tenant will probably light up as you’re walking out the door.