"Smith versus Bronchicks" RE courses

“Smith versus Bronchicks”

REI has Chuck Smith’s RE course, while CRE has Bronchicks’ RE course. Trying to determine if Smith’s course warrants the $500 difference in price.

Did a review/student opinion search to narrow down such coursework from dozens to a few.

Thus far … I’ve narrowed down my search to these two providers. Hence this post to get additional feedback about them and their coursework. Yep, I’m the poster who was trying to find a mentor for RE beginners. That effort didn’t pan out.

Seems I’ll have go into this without a mentor/coach at this point. Once I’m more experienced, perhaps a mentor will make more sense then. My objective made sense, “speeding up my learning curve and all.” However, may have been premature, unfortunately. So my quest has taken a slight turn . . .

So … what say you about Chuck smith and his $897 “Quick Cash Ultimate Real Estate System?”

What say you about Bill Bronchick’s $397 “Flipping Properties: How to Generate Fast Profits in Real Estate?”

Will appreciate your thoughts . . .

Thanking you in advance . . .

Chuck Smiths is very good, it covers most aspects of REI, but lot landlording or commercial. I would highly reccomend it.