small money loans

I have run ito a bit of a dillema.While i have gotten my credit ratings in a little better shape I still believe most lenders consider it risky.Here is my problem. The house i currently live in i purchased on a land sale contrct.I still dont have real ownership yet,I renegotiated a deal with the owner so he still holds the note for another year I also have three other properties from him in which i sublet them untill I have title then i will allow them to rent to own.or they could just buy them now if they wanted.I also just purchased three properties with a partner who has pretty good credit.My name is on those titles.also me and my wife just purchased a home we intend to move into and sublet this home we live in now This home is strctly in her name.My question is because my personal financial portfolio is not strong enough yet.and i dont wish to involve my partner in securing a loan against any properties we co own or involve my wife in the same way what type of lenders should i be looking for to secure a small no doc loan when i say small i mean 10,000 for a two to three year period maybe once i start getting theese other properties marketable i could even pay it off sooner.I need the money to rehab the one property i aquired by my self. I belive it will probably take me another year to have a stronf enough financial portfolio so i dont run into this problem again.Also since i dont have real possesion of theese properties yet i dont believe i can use theese as collateral thanks for any help TonyD