Sloping/ Uneven Floor

While inspecting a property I found that the floor is uneven/ sloping to one side. The slope is a little bit too obvious (If I can notice it anyone with professional experience will surely notice it. )

This is a single story unit, wood construction(california). Home is about 50 years old. There are no large cracks on the interior of the building. The slope seems to move towards one side of the building.

Is this a symptom of foundation problem. Is this is a serious issue?
Is this something I can ignore or needs to be fixed. Also can give me a rough idea of what this will cost me.

If the house is on a crawlspace, it could just be a few floor joists sagging. You can have someone crawl under there, jack it up, and support it. I’m having a guy do that to one of our houses now. Should be about a thousand for the repair (in our situation).

I’ve bought a few homes with foundation probs and it’s usually around a thousand to fix.If it’s on piers its no big deal,while they are under there I would pay a little more for the plastic underlayment(inspector will want this).Also make sure the house is ventilated good this can cause further woodrot I always replace the vents with those that close when it freezes(about $15ea @lowes).Best luck.