Slain Arizona rancher told family illegal alien needed help

This guy is trying to help this illegal alien and gets killed for it? I try to warn my son about how dangerous it is when you deal with people so close to subsistence living that they will kill you for a drink of water, or even when you are tying to help them. We need to do something about this mess.

Yes - we need to DEPORT the illegals! Simple!

That rancher obviously hadn’t seen “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, with Humphrey Bogart.

There is a scene that makes your blood run cold–how the barefoot crook wanted boots. Great, great movie.


Yeah…like US citizen hitchhikers and bums don’t kill people too. Geez. Illegals broke the law coming here and should be deported, but don’t act like they’re not people too. You got hard working illegals, bums, murderers, etc. So don’t just lump them all in as bad. Some illegals and their children go on to contribute greatly to the country, running businesses and doing work Americans loathe to do.

Careful what you wish for, if they all left, there would be no fruit to eat, no construction of ANYTHING, and pretty much little trade skill left in the country. Lots of overgrown lawns as well, not to mention no one to run the gas stations and corner stores.

I don’t think American citizens are ready to pick up the slack from all that.

“No construction of anything”…??

That has too be the most thoughtless quote yet.Humor me on how this is true(since I’m in the trenches of everyday of construction).That sounds about as useless as Bush’s statement about “jobs americans won’t do”…here’s a little news flash-THERE’S NO JOB AN AMERICAN WON’T DO!!!Now a “job” that pays $.50cents an hour,maybe so.Did you ever think that’s why there has’nt been a solution to Immigration?

It would end the modern day slavery.I’m all for legal immigrants.They actually keep americans on their toes,if their not,they lose their job they are probably taking for granted.So it’s actually healthy for our work ethic(which is just about none-existant lately with the entitlement mentality).

By statements like yours Vader,I would think your enjoying some of that modern day slavery yourself.I for one,never under estimate the power of the american dream.Alot of people misunderstand it as a promise.

Sell, there are many construction companies and trade businesses who would be out of business, if not for the cheap labor of illegal immigrants, so I really don’t see your point.

Exaggerating when I say “anything” guy, but there would be a HUGE impact.
The cost of doing business would be a lot higher if trade and construction companies couldn’t use illegals and don’t tell me that isn’t true.

Sell, there are many construction companies and trade businesses who would be out of business, if not for the cheap labor of illegal immigrants, so I really don't see your point.

That’s absolutely ridiculous. If the government stopped the entitlements for lazy Americans, we’d have plenty of people to fill these jobs. Or, in the alternative, if these lazy Americans decided they would rather starve than work (fine by me), then we wouldn’t need the construction workers in the first place because there would be tens of millions fewer lazy deadbeats needing a place to live.

PM, dude, lol, everything with you is so cut and dry. Stopping entitlements and stopping illegal immigration and deporting illegal immigrants WILL NOT stop the current companies from going out of business!!

New companies MIGHT be able to use this new labor force, but for many of the current ones it’ll be too late.
Knowing you, you want it all to happen NOW, talk about riots and backlash, a gradual move to less entitlements would be a LOT more seamless.

But of course you’re only gonna say. “Vader, that’s something a socialist would say who loves socialism and voted for osama hussein and i’m gonna buy more guns because the government is planning to kill 25 million of us! Grrrr”