Are there any books for how to buy and sell skyscrapers?

Do people who buy 100+ story buildings begin with baby steps?

It seems like most people (mom and pops) are just buying smaller properties

How do the rules of real estate change when you are investing in giant buildings?

Does it require being well connected to affluent people with mega bucks?

How would an ordinary person rise up to the skyscraper level? As in ownership of…

Donald Trump was backed by his dad.

Others own separate businesses that provide them the capital.

Nationwide retail chains, gold mines, etc.

You should call up the owners of the Empire State Building and ask if they will owner finance.

Plus, javipa told me a while back that large buildings are not necessarily the best investments, they are more “pride of ownership,” properties.

What if it was a skyscraper that produced lots of income? Certainly not all skyscrapers are bad investment properties.

I think what happens is that the view and way the building effects the shape of the skyline becomes more valuable then the land it was built on. Maybe that is called air rights or skyline rights?

Trump is not the only person buying building skyscrapers. Who else is there?

But wait, say you have $10 billion cash and want to build a skyscraper… Just because you have the money does not mean a city will allow you to just construct some giant building, does it? It seems like more goes into it then that. It takes more then just money to build skyscrapers.

Is any of this reality for you, me, or anyone on this forum?

Yes it is a reality for me because I plan to eventually leave Georgia and go back to NYC. I was born there, in The Bronx. I am not saying All-Ears will be written at the base of every skyscraper in the city, but big buildings always fascinated me. They are something to look up to and I love big cities.

I do not go to Atlanta often enough but Atlanta is a cool city. It is basically the NYC of the southeastern USA. It is more sophisticated and established then Miami, but Atlanta does not have enough big buildings for my liking. I like Manhattan.

Id like to know more about the inner workings of the real estate world of skyscrapers.

Serious replies only, thanks

If you want to do serious research, read these:

Sky scrappers are not ever bought by individuals they are partnerships with investors. The real estate is negligible in these deals. The corporate structure is the deal. What you need to look at is securities law. This is the law governing solicitation of investment funds, highly qualified investors, and disclosure.

Or they get financed by big banks.