Skip Tracers

I’m trying to contact the owners of some uninhabitable houses. Is there a low cost way of tracking them down other than skip tracers? Has anyone been successsful searching through town records? Or is that what the skip tracers do?

check the tax records to see where the tax bill is mailed too. it SHOULD give you a name, address, etc. of the owner. its a start…

good luck!


It’s used by many people in many fields to begin a background search.

Thanks for the replies. The tax records only list the physical addresses.

Public Data seems to be a pay site. I’m a little leary of pay sites only because there are so many of them, and there is no sense in paying for them all. Is that a site you have had personal experience with?

Yes it is. I was once a judgement recovery specialist and that was the site I used for tracing jumpers. I also did locating for bounty hunters and used the same site. Many Texas offices (Attorney general’s office comes to mind) use it to locate and do background checks on deadbeat parents, cps cases, potential employees etc. It is well worth the cost.


I also have knocked on neighbors doors and offered a $500 fee if I closed the deal if the could lead me to the seller!! is also a pay service, but Ron LeGrand says you can generally talk them into a deal of $9.00/lead. Is this true? I have also heard of another site Does anyone know about this service (prices, accuracey, ease of getting accepted, etc.)?

BTW, GREAT idea about offering a bounty to the neighbors for accurate contact info!