Skip Tracers

I have a good percentage of addresses that my post cards and letters come back undeliverable. The thought that a junk house just sitting there vacant, distressed and with no mortgage and me not being able to locate the owners or heirs drives me up the Frikin wall.
How many thousands of dollars am I losing out on?
I gotta stop screwing around & doing this business half ass.
Anybody have experience with skip tracers and finding owners?
I have decided to spend the money to find these people.
Give me you input,


I’ve heard great things about a company called TLO. They have to come check out your house to make sure it “qualifies” as a business, but as long as where you do business has a locked door and a phone number that it qualifies. From what I’ve heard they’re second to none.


In my tax lien business I have used skip tracers to find people. It can be very fascinating. One property I found out husband was having affair. Wife found out, she had health problems, left him to go die in Missouri (she did, I got death certificate.) Daughter was married to drug dealer who welched a deal and they broke his leg. Daughter forged signatures on insurance check after Hurricane Katrina, cashed check and left town. Skip trracers can tell you lots about things. However they can be expensive.

Personally, for bulk mailing lists, I would use one of the phone callers white pages websites. Also if you simply google a person’s name, city and state you will be amazed at what google van tell you about YOU.