SKG Property Management

Has anyone used this Dallas, TX based property manager?


I don’t know the company, but a reutable property management firm should be more than willing to give you references. Talking to current clients is the best way to hear the good, the bad and the ugly-especiallly with these PM companies.

I actually dealt with this company. I fired their manager (Sonia Keeton Griffen) because of none payment. I know that a few other investors are in the same boat and I am trying to get in touch with them to file a collective law suit.

Besides not paying 4 month worth of rent she moved my tenant out after I fired her. He still had 9 month on his lease. She moved him to her other unit. I got the tenants statement in writing and just forwarded to TREC and Attorney General.

I should have checked her out with TREC, I would have known that she is not even licensed.

It’s a crazy painful story.

I guess its no wonder why their site is under construction, I thought they were just a shabby company when I first went to the site.

Yet another reason to just manage the property yourself!


I agree with Mike, but if your in a location that is prime (mine) none of the rent formula’s work within the first 25 miles (so far) from here. Everyweekend I drive from sunup to sundown looking for that one deal that is close to home. I bought street maps for the towns within 100 miles from here in hopes that I won’t need to hire out my management.