Site that explains how to upload files? Or can you help me out?

Hey all

Im going to buy a package from godaddy for a domain and hosting. Will be about 55 for the year with email. (If anyone knows a better one Id like to hear :D)

Id like to know how hosting works so that I don’t get something I can’t use, or screw something up when I get it. Anyone able to explain it who have used godaddy hosting, or knows of a tutorial site let me know. Im completely internet inept. Well, not grandpa inept…but…well you get the idea.


I have never used GoDaddy for anything other than domain name registration, but they are for the masses, so I think they have to have made it as easy as possible.

The idea behind hosting is a place to put your website. They don’t create the website, they just put it out on their servers for the world to see.

Typically you’re restricted to a size for your website and a traffic amount as well. Considering that your website will likely be very small (mostly a few pictures and some text), you shouldn’t run into any problems with either of these.

As far as your question, the uploading will be very easy, it will be basically a browse button and you point it to your webpage files, then click upload.

The problem you’ll encounter is creating those webpage files to begin with. You can create your own webpage from templates or directly copying other people webpages (bad form though without permission). Otherwise you’ll have to hire someone to create it for you. A simple website with maybe 5 pages can run you $200-$500 depending on who you hire. If you want a fancy website with lots of features on it, then you could be looking at paying someone a couple thousand.

First …I would register with This is not an affiliate link … a lot of people have had problems with godaddy hijacking your domain because of spam complaints … I am slowly transfering mine to them from godaddy.

with regards to hosting i would recommend hostgator. I have them for all of my websites. I would recommend getting a hosting account as a reseller… in the long run … it will save you time and money

if you like you can see a video on this here …

as far as websites… my recommendation for a buyer’s website would be a simple squeeze page and a page that will display your property listings

If you go on or you can find someone that will build this for you cheap.

If you want a shot at doing the website yourself then i have two options for you — pretty easy to use and you can get going fast! i think its a little under 200.00 — if you dont / can’t spend the money then you can get this for free… google “nvu video tutorials” and the first few links will have some videos that show you how to upload your site and create a simple website.

you will also need an autoresponder… i would recommend to put an opt-in form to try and build a buyer’s list or capture seller lead information to your website…they have a ton of tutorials on how to use their service.

hope that this helps