Site-Built Custom?

Saw this in an ad on craigslist, what the heck does it mean? “Site-Built Custom”

Does that mean its factory built and assembled on site or is it a custom built home that was built using normal means? Or is it something else entirely? I don’t have an address yet and have emailed the person for info. It seems too good to be true for those numbers but it does mention that the owner is unhealthy and desperate. Pictures show the interior to be up to date (looks new) and in flawless condition. For that price even a mobile home in that area is a good price. I’m waiting anxiously for info.

Ok, so I googled it and answered my own question. Also, got an email back from the “seller” that says the following. Keith’s #5 rule applies.

Thanks for inquiring about the beautiful home.

We are desperate to sell this wonderful home to you but first we must
see if you qualify with our financing company.

Please click the link below to apply and we will contact you as soon
as possible.

Thanks for signing up we want to inform you that you also get $5,000
off the purchase price when using our financing offer. We will deliver
the news you want to hear real SOON!

where can we find keith’s rules?

I read in another post where he said he was going to repost them on his 4000 post.

I’m at 3,766…it shouldn’t be too long…


Aw com’on, the suspense is killing us. :o

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